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New York City Department of Education Public High Schools Partnering with College Confident

  • The School for Classics, Brooklyn NY

  • Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology, Brooklyn NY

  • Automotive High School, Brooklyn NY

  • Origins High School, Brooklyn NY

  • Professional Pathways High School, Brooklyn NY

  • HERO High School, Bronx, NY

  • Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School, Brooklyn NY

  • Victory Collegiate High School, Brooklyn NY

  • ACE High School, Brooklyn NY

  • Science Skills Center High School for Science, Technology and The Creative Arts, Brooklyn NY

  • Bushwick Community High School, Brooklyn NY

  • Bushwick Leaders High School, Brooklyn NY

  • Queens United Middle School, Queens NY

  • High School for Global Citizenship, Brooklyn NY

  • Urban Assembly High School of Design and Construction, New York NY

  • Brooklyn Community Arts & Media (BCAM) HS, Brooklyn NY

  • P169, Robert F Kennedy HS, New York NY

  • Morris Academy HS, Bronx NY

  • Flushing High School, Queens NY

  • Rockaway HS, Far Rockaway NY

  • Tottenville High School, Staten Island NY

  • Spring Creek Community High School and Middle School, Queens NY

  • LaGuardia High School, New York NY

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