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Clients Say

college prep success

—Alexis Pham

Pittsburgh, PA

Find out where she went and how much financial aid she received!

"Right before my senior year, I was not sure how I was going to maintain my life without having a mental breakdown because I was so involved within and outside of school: Preparing for AP and honors classes, practicing twice a week for cheerleading, organizing school events for student council, having a side job, and whenever I was available, I would take care of my two-year-old little brother while my parents were working. How was I supposed to fit college into my schedule?


I already had bad anxiety so I knew for sure I would push those responsibilities aside until the deadline was near. Feeling hopeless and unprepared as I was approaching my senior year, College Confident appeared. If Ms. Emilia had not guided and motivated me to apply for college, I would not have been able to write a 300-500 word essay, or have the courage to email schools, or even have the patience to figure out FAFSA! She took the time to learn more about me, my interests, my dislikes, and what my life was like in order for her to figure out which school would be best for me, the best time for us to meet, and more.


The Common Application had become my best friend; I have written over twenty essays, have been accepted by eight colleges and still waiting for more, and received scholarships ranging from $80,000 to a full-ride, all thanks to Ms. Emilia Wiles! Although I was busy, she helped me figure out how to squeeze my college responsibilities into my overwhelming life. Her services have done more than just get me into a school: She supported me when I thought I was going to fail, believed in my when no one else did, and helped me grow mentally."