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“As an organization they have provided extremely necessary college access work for our high school for the past two years. Without them, our high -risk population of students would never have had the opportunities to go to college that they have now. Before College Confident came to our school, we had only about 5 of our 100 seniors actually enrolling into college. After one year with their hands on team we have had over 90% of our graduating seniors get accepted into college, enroll and attend.


-Principal Janice Ross, School for Classics High School


"I rely on our partnership with College Confident to provide our scholars with all of the tools necessary to tackle the rigors of the college application process.  Emilia and her team work tirelessly with our teachers and staff to educate our scholars on every aspect of the college process, to support them during the process, to recruit colleges/universities to our school, to hold workshops to support the parents, to set up college tours, to even bring the colleges process to our underclassman to prepare them early for this important transition.  College Confident has become an active member of Queens Preparatory Academy family.  It is not unusual to see College Confident college advisors sitting with a child late into the evening assisting them in filling out a FAFSA form, it is not unusual that you would hear them on the phone with Dartmouth setting up an interview for ten of our scholars, and it is not unusual that there is a crowd of scholars around her discussing the SAT’s and the best colleges for them."  


–Principal Tashon Haywood, Queens Preparatory Academy


“College Confident’s mission is founded on a deep belief in high expectations for every student, a mantra that is especially important when serving high-needs students who often do not receive the support that they deserve. The organization’s approach is singular in that it targets every one of our seniors, not just the top 10% or those who are linearly on track for graduation. This fundamental belief that every 12th grader not only can but will complete every step of the college access process is powerful and effective.”


-Principal David Ward, Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School

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