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One Good Thing to Take Away from the College Admissions Scandal

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Equity and social change: The two reasons I started my college admissions consulting company, College Confident. Our mission is to help regular kids have a shot at the table with privilege and power through their hard work and their own merit. We do that through one-on-one counseling sessions and group webinar sessions. Learn more about our upcoming workshops here.

College is one of the most proven paths to social mobility and life-changing circumstances. I worked in community development and social change for numerous years before realizing that the major agent of social change for any human is their launch into college. I have focused my energy there for almost fifteen years—and still do, so children across America can have a shot at the table with the big dogs, no matter which region they come from or what socioeconomic barrier they are breaking.

Hard work gets you the reward BUT the way the system is set up, it takes a MORE than hard work. At the very least, counselors, tutors, and editors, project managers checking timelines, etc. are a great investment for any student and family to have. This is why College Confident was set up - to make sure the hard-working students have the guidance to get what they deserve. TO HELP THEM BE WHERE THEY SHOULD BE.

The good news to emerge from this college admissions scandal? It levels the playing field for hardworking regular children who have rightfully earned their spots in college. It proves that someone is regulating the system and watching the rules, so equity is still in place for the “common” people. Colleges will now be pressured to crack down on their admissions practices and stop favoritism. Now the kid from Kansas who works hard to be valedictorian and ace the SATs will have a shot at Princeton.

More regulation and more policing of ethics is a good thing. It is a positive practice to expose the fraud and injustice in our systems and expunge the cheaters so our hardworking children who deserve that acceptance letter can rightfully receive it.

I have witnessed thousands of children get into amazing top-ranked colleges due to this big secret...get ready...working their butts off and having great guidance. Yup. It’s not paying millions of dollars to beat the system, which we have learned doesn’t work (puts your butt in jail!). It’s working harder than anyone else out there on the court of life and asking for advice from experts and counselors—like College Confident!

I am frustrated by the recent news— another story of those with extreme wealth cheating the system. They could have used the same amount of energy they expended to cheat the system to push their children to study and work hard on their academics to get into college on their own merits. Like the rest of us. But the lesson here is, if you lie and cheat, you eventually get what’s coming to you.

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