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There's A Serious Lack of Values in Our Education System So We’re Giving Away Affordable Counseling

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Get the tutoring the 1% have enjoyed, so we’re one student closer to equalizing out the playing field.

America’s system of education is failing our values of hard work and progress. Not only was this apparent during the recent scandal of wealthy people using money and fraud to buy their children a spot in elite universities, it was once again underscored in elite New York City “public” high schools, which closed their doors on hard- (if not harder)-working students of color. This week The New York Times reported that in one case, only 7 black students were accepted, out of 895 spots.

It’s 2019, people. What is going on? Are we going backward in social progress? Answer: Sort of. The truth is that these two events shined a light on the issues of social inequality and access to education that have persisted in this country.

Just take a look at tuition. The top 200 ranked colleges now have a cost of attendance ranging from $60-85,000—PER YEAR. Multiply that by four, and look at your bank account. I’m guessing you do not have up to $340,000 sitting in your savings. Weird, because neither does 95% of America! How did tuition get so out of control?

Get The System To Work For YOU

When I started College Confident in 2012, I wanted to beat this senseless, out-of-control system so families could access a solid college education without diving into debt that would crush their finances and opportunities. Seven years later, I’m proud to say that our students and families have succeeded.

In the photos on this post, you can see for yourself: Our kids, as young as tenth grade, are touring Ivy League schools because they want a chance to secure a chair in those classrooms. (Thank you #CornellUniversity and #IthacaCollege for promoting diversity and ethics in your admissions practices!) And my team and I continue to assist children from hardworking families of America to navigate this broken educational system. These recent exposures of a corrupt college and university system only gives more meaning to the work College Confident does.

Win a Spot in Our College Counseling Sessions

I’ve written before about how rich kids enjoy pricey private tutoring that helps propel them into the most elite universities. Well, these tools for 1%’ers are now open to the rest of American children, at a reasonable price. College Confident has partnered with Catalyst Prep to provide a once-a-year opportunity for families across America. It includes 32 hours of college prep in testing and college application tips, tricks, and support—for an accessible registration fee of $749. For less than $25/hour students get expert SAT/ACT tutoring from a national company that believes in equal access for all AND families are guided through the application process, from beginning to end, so they can submit in time for Early Decision and Early Action Deadlines. It’s a no brainer.

And in response to the recent bad news, we want to give America good news. We are giving away a spot in the course for free! To enter for a chance to join this bootcamp at no cost (value: $749), simply do two things:

  1. Join our email list here.

  2. Email, use subject line "FREE BOOTCAMP," and tell me why you want free entry to the upcoming summer course.

Hope we hear from you!

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