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  • As of June 2015, Brooklyn Theatre Arts HS has had a 90% college retention rate for their 2014 graduating class.  90% of their 2014 graduating class has succeeded past the first year of college, greatly improving their college graduation potential.


  • The graduating class of 2015 has received close to four million dollars in scholarship money for college tuition. 


  • As of December of 2014, Classics High School in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn had  98% of their students applied to 8 colleges or more with College Confident.                     


  • As of January 2015 College Confident is partnering with The Princeton Review to provide SAT prep tests for all junior class cohorts in every partnering high school in an effort to increase student scores in order to place our students out of remedial classes.


  • As of March 2014, we have searched and received over 3 million dollars in scholarship money for our graduating seniors at Brooklyn Theatre Arts HS, in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn.  We currently have over 30 four year full scholarship offers for their 75 graduating seniors. Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School had 97% of their graduating class enroll and attend college with full financial aid packages in the fall of 2014.                                                                     

  • 77% of the graduating class of 280 students received acceptances and completed their FAFSA financial aid for at Sheepshead Bay High School in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn in 2014.          


  • As of January 2015, over 75% graduating seniors at Queens Preparatory Academy in the Jamaica section of Queens have each applied to over 20 colleges, which is a record for any partnering high school of College Confident.                                                                                                                                             (*According to the Consortium on Chicago School Research Executive Summary “From High School to College: Potholes on the Road to College”, students who applied to at least one four-year college were more likely to be accepted if they applied to three or more, and particularly six or more, colleges.)

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