Emmy - The Outlier Student in College Admissions Practices

I think it’s time to share a positive story. A story of what the American educational system COULD be, what it SHOULD be, and, sometimes, what it actually is. We’ve been hearing a lot about the bias of our educational system and colleges. We’ve been angry about how colleges started closing doors and engaging in illegal activities. It’s clear that admissions aren’t taking care of us, average families, as they should be. Traditionally, kids like Emmy are squeezed out of elite

There's A Serious Lack of Values in Our Education System So We’re Giving Away Affordable Counseling

Get the tutoring the 1% have enjoyed, so we’re one student closer to equalizing out the playing field. America’s system of education is failing our values of hard work and progress. Not only was this apparent during the recent scandal of wealthy people using money and fraud to buy their children a spot in elite universities, it was once again underscored in elite New York City “public” high schools, which closed their doors on hard- (if not harder)-working students of color.